Results & Deliverables

The CLUG project is structured in five work packages. Each one of them will be subject to many deliverables. You will find below the deliverables in their final status.

Deliverable Number Title Description Dissemination Level Due Date
D2.1 High Level Mission Requirements Definition

Public document with the definition of the high level mission requirements that are the basis for the deviation of high level system requirements.

Public 30 Nov 2020
D2.2 Operational Scenarios Definition

Public document with definition of railway operating scenarios, relevant to the project.

Public 30 Nov 2020
D2.7 Identified Validation Certification Methods

D2.7 identifies the most suitable methods for validation and certification considering work from WP2.3, WP 2.6 and WP2.7 and taking into account the legal background. D2.7 is the main input for D5.10 the prototypical certification.

Public 31 May 2021
D4.2 Raw Data

The raw data collected with the test trains over various tracks in different environments will be stored in .cvs format with a description on how the data has been collected.

A representative set of raw data will be made available soon to the public. Interested persons can send an mail to to have more information and request access to the data.

Public 21 Jul 2021
D4.3 Ground Truth

The ground truth (true position of the train) generated for the individual test runs will be delivered in an agreed format, supplemented by a description on how the ground truth has been generated. This will allow the involved parties to re-evaluate the collected raw data at a later stage against the true position of the train.

Public 31 May 2021
D5.1 Communication Strategy and Action Plan (CSAP)

Definition of the various targets, messages, tools and activities that will deliver the overall communications strategy. 

Public 28 Feb 2020
D5.3 Project brochure

Public project brochure.

Public 31 May 2021
D5.4 Definition of the Required maps for Localisation

It defines, according of the results of the different WPs, a comprehensive definition of the digital map for the train localisation system

Public 30 Nov 2021
D5.6 Final Dissemination Report

The report presents the project communication and dissemination activities’ results.

Public 30 Nov 2021
D5.7 Preliminary Definition of the System Performances and Interfaces

It provides :
 - the mission definition and requirements for a train localisation unit;
 - the preliminary definition of Failsafe multi-sensor localisation (system, sub system, internal and potential external interfaces);
 - the feasibility (performances and assessed safety of life level) of Failsafe multi-sensor localisation unit.

Public 30 Nov 2021

High Level Mission Requirements Definition

January 29, 2021

Operational Scenarios Definition

January 29, 2021

Communication Strategy and Action Plan (CSAP)

March 08, 2021

Project brochure

January 29, 2021